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Cane Corso Pronunciation In Italian

The Cane Corso also known as the Italian Mastiff is the descendant of dogs used by the ancient Romans in warfare. Unlike English Italian does not have silent letters or other sneaky pronunciation rules.

Kleuren Van De Cane Corso Corso Dog Cane Corso Cane Corso Dog

The word for dog in Italian is cane plural.

Cane corso pronunciation in italian. The Italian Mastiff Cane Corso is one of the Italian dog breeds recognized by the AKC and the FCI Standard N 343. According to the AKC website the correct pronunciation of Cane Corso is KAH-neh-KOR-soh. It is Italian for Canis dog and Courser coursingrunning dog.

See how cane corso is translated from Italian to English with more examples in context cane 1 sm Zool dog di pistola cock hammer. Italian English Italian English cane bastardo cane che abbaia non morde Cane che abbaia non morde. But this term also has a military connotation.

Look through examples of Cane Corso translation in sentences listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. ˈkane The feminine of cane is cagna bitch. In addition to referring to a bad or nasty woman just as in English it can also be a pejorative term for an actress or a singer with little talent.

In English when we want to make something plural we just tack an s on to the end of the. Definition of cane corso. Dont be so S happy.

Cani which is easy to remember as it sounds similar to the word canine. Glosbe uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Cane Corso temperament real world input from a Cane Corso ownercanecorso canecorsotemperament guarddog The best dog training courses.

It may be translated as Army Infantry Corps or Guardian. Cane cinese cane corso Cane Corso cane dacqua cane. The term Corso derives from the Latin noun cohors which means troop or group.

It comes from the Latin canis meaning dog. How to Speak Cane Corso and Mastino too Pronounce every letter. Any of a Italian breed of large muscular dogs having a short dense stiff coat and a large head with a short broad square muzzle and powerful jaws.

Todays post is all about mans best friend. Check Cane Corso translations into English.

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