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Tennis Grip Size Chart

While the grip size is measured in inches they are often converted into numbers ranging from Grip Size 0 to 5 or L0 to L5. Standard grips are measured in 18 increments beginning at 4 and going up to 4 34 in US measurements.

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This data is from people who own these rackets fellow racket.

Tennis grip size chart. Its what im comfortable with though. Start off by placing the tennis racquet in front of you on a flat surface. If you want a really big grip you can buy a 4 58 and add a heat shrink sleeve to bring it up to 4 34.

My gripsize is actually around a 4 34 even though im only 510 and have really little hands. Juniors - Racquet length. Finding the Correct Tennis Racket Grip Size.

Use a rubber to measure the scale below. Place the crook in between your thumb and your index right on the tennis racket handle. We refer to anything longer as extended length.

The Tennis Racket Grip Size Chart The following table outlines the six main grip sizes according to both the European and American measurement systems. The butt cap is the plastic logo attached to the end of the rackets grip. Get your FREE membership to ET Academy and IMPROVE your game now.

The specifications are a subject of change and I cant guarantee this is what they use right now. Pull back the margins to 0 cm uncheck the options like adapt the image check the A4 format 21 x 297 cm. When choosing the tennis grip sizes for kids there are only a few options that you can select from.

As you can see the European and American grip sizes directly correlate to one another so it does not matter which measurement you use. Pick the wrong grip size. Similarly you can also measure the racquet grip in cm.

9 Zeilen A tennis racquets grip size measures the circumference or distance around the handle. When buying a new tennis racquet one of the decisions youll have to make after youve settled on a specific model is which grip size is best for youAlthou. Using a Tennis Racquet to Find Your Tennis Grip Size.

Adult - Grip size. However if you cannot find a grip size that is right for the junior player a. Most tennis racquets range from 27 6858 centimeters to 29 inches 7366 centimeters in length.

If you start playing tennis at a tender age itll be convenient if your grip size is comfortable. These are small increments I know. 4 18 103-105 cm.

So which tennis racquet grip size for 12 year old person should be better. Just demo a bunch of the same racquet with different grips sizes and see which feels best. If the personage is 10 or up to 10 years old heshe should buy the grip size for 55-inch height and 26-inch racquet.

The standard length for an adult tennis racquet is 27 inches or 6858 centimeters. What are the most common tennis racquet grip sizes. Grip 4 12 This finger determines Grip 5 58 your grip size Grip 3 38.

If youre between grip sizes go with the smaller size and add an overgrip to arrive at the. A tennis rackets grip size is the distance around the handle. ATP Tour players racket specification database.

0 1 cm 2 cm 3 cm 4 cm 5 cm O. The grip size is a measure of the circumference of the handle measured approximately 2 to 3 inches above the butt cap. Kids Tennis Grip Sizes.

With an overgrip it will be like 4 78 or 5. As they tend to have smaller hands women generally use smaller grip sizes than men. 7 Zeilen Tennis racquet grip sizes are determined by measuring the circumference around the edge of the.

An example of this is shown to the left. What is Grip Size. If the measures do not correspond check the parameters of your printer.

So if your age is 12. The grip size is the circumference of the handle of the racket and the size you need will therefore depend on the size of your hand. Juniors - Grip size.

The junior tennis racquet sizes only range in 4 inches and sometimes for smaller players it can only be 3 58 inches. Most women play with the sizes 1 2 and 3 while most men go for 3 4 and 5. These are some racket specifications from the past and present ATP and WTA players.

The tennis racket head should be facing horizontal as in the picture. These are the most recent specifications known to me. 7 Zeilen Grip Size.

However a 12-year-old person should be chosen the right grip size because of taking maximum comfort and take the right shot.

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